How I can help you?

I combine Naturopathic Nutrition, Detoxification, Functional Medicine, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting to help you move toward a state of wellbeing.

An eclectic approach is often needed because we are more than just a body. We are a combination of physical, mental-emotional, energetic and the ‘unseen’ element often referred to as soul or spirit, or our true essence.

A state of well being can be encouraged and supported with the aid of nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, energy meridian and mind/body approaches. My approach is to treat the whole person and not their disease. All disease is a combination of malnutrition, toxins and stress.

This site represents my work, my philosophies, my passion about life,  and service to others. It appears that more than ever, keeping healthy has become a full time pursuit for most. More people are turning to the advancement of personal well-being by using ancient as well as new concepts of alternative and natural approaches. No longer are we satisfied to simply go to the GP and take a prescription to just treat symptoms. We now want to get to the root causes of our ailments and disruptions and desire to do it in the most natural ways possible.

Amazing alternative approaches to healing are being discovered that help us take a whole person approach by understanding that our thoughts and emotions play a huge role in the way that we experience our lives. By understanding that we are all unique individuals who share a common oneness, more personalized health and emotion modification treatments are offering more than just a trend, they are the evolution of our understanding of ourselves.