Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition has always been at the side of mainstream medicine in that modern medicine has treated symptoms of disease as exclusive mechanical parts of the whole. In that model, much like in your car, you tinker with the broken part by taking it out, replacing it or giving in a quick overhaul.

The human is not a mechanical device and with the advent of a finer understanding of quantum science, we see that in this whole system called our life, approaching the living system with a loving approach toward fueling and nurturing our bodies while staying within nature’s larger ecosystem, keeps us in the true flow of good health.

Old sayings such as, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” were pre-cursors to the present understanding of living foods to support a live system. Yet whole raw foods and specific nutrients aimed at correcting the imbalances that life in a modern, polluted environment are challenging us to deal with are gaining such popularity that finding how to get the correct and specific combination of nutrients requires a thorough look at what’s really going on and how it’s affecting us on the inside.

It has been reported that most diseases are the result of toxins affecting the life cycle of our cells. Detoxification can help as it’s the most necessary precursor to any healing program and so requires guidance and planning on the part of both practitioner and patient.

What Is Naturopathic Nutrition?

Naturopathic Nutrition is a combination of dietary approaches and supplementation, suited to the individual, coupled with naturopathic techniques (see detoxification). By eating a whole food diet, including live foods, juices, super foods, specific supplementation and drinking enough water, the body begins to release unwanted matter (our toxic load). This occurs at a cellular level, freeing the cells to function optimally.

What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is any method that can be applied to help the body, or more precisely the cells and tissues to release and eliminate toxins. Toxins can build up in the body until it is overloaded, eventually causing dis-ease. Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium can build up in the body and cause a myriad of problems. Pesticides and herbicides on food are toxic, as are chemicals added to our foods. Basically anything that isn’t natural to the body can become toxic.

Pathogens – viruses, bacteria, fungi, worms, flukes all compromise the immune system and therefore can be considered toxic. This area is often overlooked in a persons’ healing program. However it is imperative to clean up the internal environment, because these pathogens could be also considered to be the clean up crew.  This can be likened to a dirty pond that is over run with fungi and bacteria.

Naturopathic approaches used, are cleansing the bowel of old impacted matter, using a combination of natural cleansers and/or enemas.

Cleaning the liver of old rubbish stored for years, which could be compared to an oil change in your car!

Parasites, Heavy Metals are eliminated using various modalities.

Functional Medicine aims to find the root cause of disease from a biochemical and physiological standpoint.  Various lab tests can be applied to help uncover dis-ease states.  Examples are complete nutritional panels, stool tests and hormonal profiles.

YogaExercise and movement is important as this gets the blood and lymph moving and gives the organs an internal massage. Sweating helps eliminate toxins through the skin. Saunas can be used as a form of detox.

Emotional Healing can come under the heading of detoxification. ‘Stuck’ emotions can cause a form of toxicity, which once eradicated lessen the toxic load, making it easier for the body to heal itself naturally.