Rob is a truly unique and special practitioner and person. He makes you feel held, cared for, and that he genuinely wants the best possible outcome for you. He is so well researched and knowledgeable, tirelessly continuing with learning so you can be fully confident in what he is recommending. He has a lovely warmth and positivity which is so important when seeking help with our precious health. He has such a wonderful holistic approach without prescribing a huge shopping list as so many do. He has made such a difference to mine and my families health. I have come across many nutritionists over the years and would highly recommend Rob over and above them all. Helen Morley

Everyone needs a Rob, one of life’s special people. Lucy Rowatt

Rob Fordham is an absolute treasure trove of natural health knowledge. There are standard natural health practitioners and then there is Rob. His depth of knowledge and commitment to continuous learning in this field was evident from my first consultation with him. He really stood out to me as someone who really knows his stuff. The program he has put me on gave me an instant boost in energy – in fact I haven’t experienced this high level of energy in over 10 years. His ability to pinpoint nutritionally what was needed for me and create a protocol that I could work with has meant I feel more hopeful than ever that I can enjoy optimal health going forward. He is a blessing and a gift to anyone suffering from chronic illness who is yet to find the answers they have been searching for. I highly recommend consultations with Rob, and especially appreciate the follow-up sessions as he is very good at explaining and supporting every step of my journey. This really motivated me to keep to the program and follow his well-researched advice.  Kathy Divine Editor Australian Vegans Journal

I am very glad that I booked a session with Rob – he has helped me a great deal. He gave me lots of suggestions for supplements and treatments to try and gave me confidence in my own knowledge. He was caring, considerate and flexible and stayed in touch to check on my progress. I highly recommend a session with him. Janine Taylor

What is particularly striking about Rob as a practitioner is that he really cares about you, the client, and will do everything he can to encourage a speedy recovery of your health – even when, as in my case, you make rapid progress and no longer need his help. In other words he doesn’t try to hang on to you, as some might, in order to make more money out of prolonging your dependency on him. I speak from bitter experience as I have lost count of the number of people consulted and the huge amount of money I have spent over many years to deal with my condition. After just 4 sessions with Rob, I have achieved more than I did with all previous practitioners put together. Rebekka Smith

Rob Fordham is a very empathic and knowledgeable therapist, drawing on various naturopathic, energetic and physical treatment modalities to provide as much comprehensive (i.e. holistic) care as is possible for his clients/patients. I have received a lot of dietary therapy support from Rob, along with some exceptional results using Myofascial Release therapy for treating an acute scoliotic condition. When you have the opportunity to work with him, you too might end up calling him ‘the prof’ like I do… Dr Rachel Donnelly

Thank you Rob for your continuing support in helping me to rediscover my physical and emotional wellness. You have given me so much knowledge about how the right nutrition and supplements can benefit my body and how emotional blocks have hindered my well-being. You have provided a safe space where I have been able to explore difficult feelings and gain the confidence to take control of my own resources in order to heal. You have made a very difficult, stressful time easier for me to handle. S.H.

“I’ve struggled with feelings of poor self-esteem and beliefs about being undervalued my whole life. Nothing had worked to change these thoughts until I undertook just one EFT session with Rob. Within one hour of tapping, many of my beliefs surrounding this issue were cleared up and I felt the results instantaneously. I started crying and knew that something had shifted. I have since felt an improved sense of self-worth, purpose, clarity and wellbeing. I’m now looking forward to a happier, more fulfilling future, free of self-limitations. I can’t recommend Rob’s services enough and the difference he has made to my life has been phenomenal.” A.J.A 

I went to see Rob for EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to help with a long standing childhood issue that has dogged my life for 30 years. In one session Rob was able to help me re-write the issue and deal with it once and for all. As a result a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and old negative patterns of behaviour that had dictated my life’s path have been removed. I can’t thank Rob enough for being kind, patient, understanding and very intuitive as a therapist. Claire

I approached Rob for some help because my seven year old son was getting desperately fearful at bedtime. Rob suggested that we started by tackling the first thing my son had been fearful of, which was spiders. I had never experienced EFT before and I was impressed by how simple it was for my son to understand and participate in the process. Rob explained everything to us really clearly as we went through the tapping routines. My son soon became extremely relaxed by the process, he kept yawning and sliding further and further down the sofa until he was completely reclined and relaxed. At the beginning of the session my son’s fear of spiders was quite high but by the end of the session his fear of them had disappeared completely. After the session we tested this out by bringing a spider into the house and my son was able to sit right next to the spider perfectly relaxed whereas in the past he would have screamed and left the room. Amazing! No more sessions were needed as my son’s fears at bedtime also completely disappeared. Thank you Rob! Emma

After the formalities and hello’s, I started talking about myself as you do.  Soon I found myself tapping all over my body or so it seemed, a bit like the ….”Ol MacDonald had a tap, tap, tap tap tap, with a tap tap here, and a tap tap there, here a tap, there a tap”….and on it went… Crazy, yet it felt possible, good. Rob himself was so confident on his tap tap, that it felt impossible to doubt and that helped. At one stage it become very cathartic and I cried.  So. I got back home with this new tool and started testing it, small things: fear of heights, biting my nails and I started noticing differences. Some things took more time, yet it always felt reassuring. so I had another session to print it into myself a bit more. And off I went.  So, absolutely yes. A very good tool to have in your self-help tool box, I recommend it. Teo

I was recommended Rob by a colonic therapist I was seeing. I found Rob to be very approachable, he provided a safe place that you could open up, he was empathetic, a real understanding of you as an individual & very down to earth which is personally key for me. I got to hear about MMS which is AMAZING also the Magnesium foot spray which I use both products to this very day. I found EFT such a simple technique but life changing & so powerful. Holosync also a life changing tool. What I liked about Rob is that he passed on these amazing tools for you to use & improve your quality of life, Rob’s approach was simple but powerful & he didn’t draw out the appointments he simply said ‘we can meet a few times & when you ready to stop that’s o.k’. Nutritionally Rob also passed on his knowledge which I use to this day. I feel ready to meet up with Rob again soon as I’ve moved on so much to the last time we met & ready for my next phase. Oh & Rob informed me of the Liver Flush which is also AMAZING beyond words. I found it life changing.  You have to put in the action to get the results but with the support, knowledge & guidance from Rob I was able to do just that. Ceri

I first made contact with Rob around 24 months ago. After a few conversations I began to feel more comfortable that he knew his stuff , regarding the workings of the body. I was suffering from a sort of inflammation/arthritic disorder, whereas basically I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t sit in a car for long, and being fairly fit for my age, it was really getting me down, and wasn’t disappearing.  I made an appointment with Rob, as I didn’t want to go down the standard medication route. He has been a tremendous help and the problems are now behind me. Through Rob’s guidance and knowledge, I feel I have turned a corner. It hasn’t been easy but with Rob’s patience and understanding have achieved the results I was looking for. He is very knowledgeable and I genuinely feel confident, that what he says, will be so. I too know a little, so I knew he wasn’t feeding me BS. AK Wakefield